Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Summer in Food

My summer has ended.  My Junior year of college has officially begun.

As opposed to sobbing uncontrollably and confining myself to my bed once I realized this, I started to look through the pictures I took this summer.  
99% of them concerned food, and it made me realize how much of my life is centered around the food I make, and how many of the places I visit are defined by the food I eat there.  
Once I saw the pictures of the food, it was amazing how clearly the memories came back to me.

So, without further ado, I would like to share my summer with you.

I know I said the majority of my pictures were of food, but this guy was just too cute to pass up.  I helped my friend move to Berkeley this summer, and on our way to lunch we walked past a house with about ten parrots in the front yard.

Isn't he a beautiful bird?

"Oh stop it, you're making me blush..."

And here is a Gregoire, a delicious little French-inspired eatery that changes its menu monthly.  

THESE. These...
These are potato puffs.  
I'm not sure if I've mentioned my adoration for mashed potatoes on my blog before, but I guess I'll just say it now...
If I had to choose one last meal, it would be mashed potatoes and gravy.  Easy.
These guys are fried bits of mashed potatoes, served with a Dijon mayo.  
So freaking delicious.

I also got their fried chicken sandwich (this is one of the only sandwiches that is consistently on the menu, so you know it's good...).  I mean, look at that bread. 

I am in love with this picture. 

I also made my friend's mother's Peanut butter blossoms (I'll be sharing this recipe soon).

So she and I feasted on these for breakfast...

And played cribbage.  Such happiness...

Yes, I am an old lady.  

My friend Caitlin (a fellow lover of food) came to my home and showed me how to make panna cotta.
My question did I ever live without it?

She also introduced me to Vanilla Bean Paste, which is divine and perfect.
It substitutes equally in recipes that call for vanilla extract, except it provides the flavor and look of vanilla beans without all the scraping...

I got distracted and took a picture of this clove of garlic because I thought he was cute.

Here's the finished product! So unbelievably good...I'm actually eating some right now. Mmmm.

I got a little obsessed with making pizzas this summer.  I love how they look before you bake them.

But they also look pretty darn good after they're done.  Tasty, too.

She came over the next week, and out of my oven came the most beautiful loaf of bread I've ever made...

So naturally we made it into french bread pizza.
I don't have a problem.

I visited my dear friend Jacqueline in San Diego for a week in July.  This is one of her favorite places to eat.

I have a feeling the cinnamon rolls the size of basketballs have something to do with it...

Those are only a few of the food memories I've made this summer.  It makes me realize how many mental pictures I took.  
Overall, my summer was phenomenal.  Not only that--it was lekker.

As we all head towards school and coats and holidays, I hope you take some time to reflect on the high points of your summer.


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